Aso City promotes “ZEN” as a brand for regional promotion and tourism.


Meaning of ZEN

Preciousness of arugamama (being as it is).
Aso where people and nature collaborate.


Aso’s brand for promotion and tourism.
It represents Aso’s environment such as
the magnificent nature, fertile land, and clear water;
the products obtained from there;
and the skills of people who make them.
What all these have in common is
the originality and fertility unique to Aso.
Such values of ours are reflected in the word “zen”
which means “genuine” or “as it is” in Japanese.


ZEN is a PR initiative to communicate Aso’s blessings,
promote the region, and attract tourists.

It is based on the idea that the life of people living with
nature’s abundance, such as rich land and beautiful water,
is itself Aso’s wealth and pride.

These qualities form ZEN.

Abundance of grand nature

Grassland spreading far and wide, fertile land, clear water…
Live with abundance of grand nature “as it is”.

Harvest from land and knowledge

Harvest by making use of Aso’s unique environment
and bringing out innovative techniques.

Everyday lives of people

Each person builds something valuable,
with their own method and will.


  • ▶ Natural features, people, and things unique to Aso.
  • ▶ Skills to make use of Aso’s materials and the finished products.
  • ▶ Things made by people living in Aso.
  • ▶ Original ideas to bring out the charm of Aso’s specialties.
  • ▶ Sales activities based skillfully on Aso’s four seasons.
  • ▶ Cultural activities related to these natural features, specialties, and skills.
  • ▶ Things unique to Aso and accepted by the world.